Stephen A. Smith is a 46-year-old man under constant duress. He has to put up with ESPN's most famous blowhard, Skip Bayless, on a near daily basis for over an hour. Then he has to put up with his bosses and the faceless critics on social media. You add all that to the stress of being a black man in America and you have a personality who's visibly agitated, possibly afflicted with hypertension, and constantly on a short fuse.

Smith is cool enough to barely hold it together—emphasis on barely. One of his trademarks, besides his clear passion, is how quickly his face contorts when he wants to react to some malarkey Bayless or any of his colleagues say. The end result is the instantly meme-worthy Stephen A. Smith face that is over-reactive, yet somehow perfect for the situation.

You need quick reactions whenever you get caught in a sports debate with somebody. Keep these 20 Stephen A. Smith Faces to Use During Sports Arguments With Your Friends at close reach and you should be fine.