The last couple weeks have been tough for the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. The team suffered a close defeat to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6, losing out after a last-minute touchdown run by DeMarco Murray. The loss prompted criticism from Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who called out his team's efforts during a post-game meltdown

In the following week, the team traded away wide receiver Percy Harvin to the New Yorks Jets. The move was surprising to many, including Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

Then, to make matters worse Seattle was upset by the lowly St. Louis Rams this past Sunday, bringing their record to a decidedly underwhelming 3-3. For a team with as much talent as the Seahawks, it's surprising to see them struggling this much. 

According to Bleacher Report writer Mike Freeman, the team's performance issues are stemming from tensions within the locker room. In his report, Freeman makes specific note of a rift between quarterback Russell Wilson and certain black teammates who, says Freeman, think Wilson "isn't black enough", and is "too close to the front office". Freeman's assertions, he says, are "backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players".

Is Wilson properly representing his race? It's a ridiculous question. However, if Wilson's teammates feel as though Wilson is being coddled (the Harvin trade was reportedly a response to Harvin's problems with Wilson), then the team will need to address any issues of favoritism going on within the organization.

It's worth noting that Wilson is having a solid season, despite Seattle's apparent troubles. The third-year quarterback is completing 65 percent of his passes, and has thrown for 10 touchdowns against just two interceptions. However, unless these reported conflicts are resolved, then the Seahawks are in danger of missing out on the postseason. Team chemistry is crucial for any contender, even one that hoisted the Lombardi trophy just months ago.