Back in May, while Kevin Durant was in the middle of giving his MVP speech, Russell Westbrook got caught eyeing the MVP trophy by a photographer. The photographer's image made its way to the Internet a short time later:

And before we knew it, that image was turned into a meme:

Westbrook claims he never saw the meme, though, because—get this—Westbrook doesn't know what memes are! During a media session earlier today, he was asked about the MVP trophy meme and he responded by telling reporters that he's not familiar with memes:

Do you believe him? We don't. It's 2014. So who doesn't know what memes are? And more specifically, who doesn't know what memes are when they're featured in so many of them?!

To help Westbrook familiarize himself with memes, we put together a collection of some of the best memes that people have assembled using photos of Westbrook. Go ahead and get familiar, Russ...