Percy Harvin's departure to the Jets for so little came as a surprise to most of us. Apparently, it's been coming for a while thanks to Harvin's behavioral issues.

Reports are saying that Harvin had a temper and got into a number of fights with his teammates during his time in Seattle. Marshawn Lynch probably wasn't one of them, because that's his boy apparently. (Plus, would you really want to shoot the fair one with Lynch?)

The names who are reportedly involved with altercations are Russell Wilson and Golden Tate. Moreover, Lance Zierlein of Houston's Sports Talk 790 said Harvin gave Tate a black eye—during Super Bowl Week. Harvin only came close to fighting Wilson this season.

Harvin might not be that much of a boost for the Jets, and not because of their middling quarterbacks. Tabloids are probably frothing at the mouth for what may go down in the Jets' locker room if Zierlein's info is correct.

Here are two tweets I just got from NFL personnel guys: “Literally heard minutes ago what you tweeted. Crazy. Jets didn’t do their homework"

— Lance Zierlein (@LanceZierlein) October 17, 2014


— Magnus Bendixen (@BendixenNFL) October 17, 2014

[via Larry Brown Sports]