College football players just can't seem to stay out of trouble this season. From getting suspended for allegedly accepting cash payments to sign autographs to getting into real legal trouble for doing a variety of different things, we've heard about more than a few college football players landing in hot water lately. But here's a new one: Recently, a college football chaplain—yes, a chaplain—was arrested and charged with allegedly stealing prescription drugs from another man.

According to reports out of Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma chaplain Kent Bowles, 45, was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly convinced a man to leave his house by offering him the chance to test drive a vehicle and then entered the man's home to steal prescription drugs. Bowles—who, in addition to serving as the Sooners' chaplain, serves as a regional representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes—was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, larceny, concealment of stolen property, and obtaining cash or merchandise by bogus check or false pretenses on Wednesday evening after he snuck into the home in Norman, Okla. and then got caught taking prescription drugs by the man's wife, who saw him rummaging through the house on a security camera. He admitted to taking several kinds of pills from the home, including Oxycodone and Hydrocodone.

Bowles posted $5,000 bond and was released from jail a short time after he was charged with the crimes listed above. But WTF? Even college football chaplains are getting into trouble now? This is just getting ridiculous.

[via NewsOK]