Nick Young said a lot of really entertaining things during Lakers media day earlier this week. He talked about how he wants to win the NBA MVP award this season, revealed the nicknames that he forces rookies to use for him, and even opened up about the doubts he had when it came time to re-sign with the Lakers during the offseason. But apparently, he also talked about the idea of him playing 1-on-1 against Kobe Bryant—and said that he thinks he would win if the two ever played against one another.

In fairness to Swaggy P, he wasn't the only Laker who said he thinks he could beat Kobe 1-on-1. Hell, even Robert Sacre said it! But the way he said it was great.

"I probably could [beat him 1-on-1], but I don't want him to feel some type of way because I still have to play with him," he said. "He's still got to pass me the ball every now and then, so I'm going to say he could win, but deep down, I think we both know who could win."

Ha. Good luck getting Kobe to admit that, Swaggy!

Watch the video above, which was released by ESPN's SportsNation yesterday, to see some of the other Lakers talk about their chances of knocking off Kobe in a game of 1-on-1.

[via Black Sports Online]