Best example of obnoxiousness: Football season.

It's one thing to never shut up about your national prominence when you're nationally prominent (see: last slide). It's another to not shut up about it when you no longer are. Enter Ohio State (or Notre Dame if that's your thing) whose fan base constantly shouts about "SEC bias" while never backing up their own over-the-top homer rhetoric. You want to know why the Big Ten is irrelevant? They constantly lay turds in big, nationally televised games. Look no further than Ohio State, the former power of the conference whom got the SEC started off on their roll by losing back-to-back national title games in both 2007 and then again in 2008. Last year, when they were sitting at No. 2 in the country, they wondered why they weren't No. 1. Then they got crushed, didn't even win the conference, and lost their non-title bowl game anyway.

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