Best example of obnoxiousness (tie): Treatment of Steve Bartman/Blaming a goat for their plight anything.

Pretty much all my friends were (and still are) Cubs fans, so it’s possible I’ve just been overwhelmed with their complaints my entire life. That means it's possible that I've interpreted a local phenomenon as a nationwide one. Still, if they ever win the World Series (which is bound to happen one day, if only by sheer luck) watch them start a riot that'll make The Great Chicago Fire look like a cookout.

The Cubs are currently sitting on the longest championship drought in (major) American sports history. As of now, they’ve gone 106 years without hanging a World Series championship banner, which means their fruitless stretch will extend to 107 years, minimum. Still, every time they have a halfway decent team they flood talk radio, newspaper polls, etc. with talk of how “This is the year,” as if any of them have been alive long enough to see what a championship team actually looks like. It’s one thing for garden-variety fans to be overly optimistic, but the fact that the Tribune Company owned the Cubs up until 2010 meant that they were pushing their crappy franchise via reporters through one of the nation’s biggest newspapers.

Currently, the Cubs have been absolutely wretched for the past four years but it hasn’t stopped the never-ending hopes of the fan base from bragging about prospects and a future dynasty, as if no one’s ever busted in pro sports before. You’d think more than a century of grasping at straws would make you—I don’t know—a little more cautious with your expectations? But then again you've never seen such blind optimism.

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