It's one thing to deal with an obnoxious fan, it's another thing to deal with a swarm of them. Especially if you live in enemy territory. While most people see sports for what they are (distractions) others see them as the primary reason for living. This list is made up of those types of people along with others who feel entitled to titles, turn self-loathing into a pastime, or dominate the national conversation with their constant spotlight-hogging. Fans of these teams often say "haters gonna hate" or some equally stupid variation, but the fact is these teams comprise most of the sports coverage in this country. A few are outliers who make this list for reasons we'll get into.

You may scroll down this list and think that some of these choices are based upon the actions of a few people, but we did our best to find organizations whose fans have crafted an identity. You may disagree with a few but keep in mind that just because you’re a fan of the team doesn’t mean each slide pertains to you. Just food for thought. Here’s The Most Obnoxious Fan Bases in Sports.