Remember the time Mark Sanchez ate a hot dog on the sideline in the middle of a game while he was still with the Jets? Of course you do. Sadly, it's one of the most memorable highlights of Sanchez's Jets career (outside of the infamous butt fumble, of course!). That hot dog haunted him until his final days in New York.

Sanchez is in Philadelphia now, playing backup quarterback for the Eagles. But it sounds like he's still eating on the sideline. During Philly's blowout win against the Giants on Sunday night, he got caught telling Eagles starting QB Nick Foles that he "should try the chicken tenders" with a mouth full of them before offering up his review of them: "They're good."

Sanchez won't catch too much flack for this at this point in his career. He's a backup, so really, who cares if he's eating? Sitting on the sideline and filling a seat is his job now. But doesn't this guy ever eat before games?! Ha. And who's bringing him chicken tenders in the middle of a game anyway? Hmmm...

[via Larry Brown Sports]