Michael Vick's little brother Marcus Vick is never shy about sharing his opinions on social media. In the past, he's caused quite a bit of controversy for speaking out about everything from Nick Foles' role with the Eagles to Riley Cooper's racist rant. So it should come as no surprise to hear that Marcus is talking trash on Twitter again. And this time, he's got his sights set on the Jets.

During yesterday's awful Jets/Chargers game, Marcus was excited when Rex Ryan decided to bench Geno Smith in favor of his brother in the second half of the contest. So he sent out this tweet:

However, within just a few minutes, he was calling out the team for the lack of talent surrounding Vick. He took this shot at Jets wide receiver Greg Salas:

He also said that he thinks that the fact that the Jets are playing guys like Salas is a bigger problem than the Jets' current quarterback situation:

Then, early this morning, he continued to speak on the Jets by revealing that he thinks his brother should start in place of Smith next week:

But when someone questioned whether or not he'd actually want his brother to start for the Jets, he had second thoughts:

And finally, he ended things by taking yet another shot at the Jets receivers:

Since then, he's moved on to another topic. But as long as Michael Vick is playing in the NFL, his little brother is going to have an opinion. And you better believe that he's going to share it.

[via @MVFive]

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