Pau Gasol and the Bulls may have put a damper on the start of the Knicks' 2014-15 NBA season last night by beating them 104-80 at Madison Square Garden. But Gasol did give Knicks fans some good news before he left the Big Apple.

While speaking with reporters yesterday, the Chicago center revealed that he thinks it's "possible" his brother Marc Gasol could sign with the Knicks next summer when he becomes a free agent. He said that he's talked to him about the Knicks' new team president Phil Jackson in the past and that Marc understands what Jackson is all about.

"We'll see what happens next year, what he decides," Gasol said. "Hopefully he'll have a strong year and all the options in the world, because he's one of the top centers, interior players in the league, so any team would be fortunate to have him. It's a personal decision. I talked to my brother enough about Phil that he knows what he brings to the table."

Does any of this mean that the Knicks are a favorite to land Marc Gasol? Not at all. In fact, if we were a Knicks fan, we wouldn't bank on it. But after last night, it is yet another reminder that the Knicks will have the chance to sign prized free agents next summer. And that should be enough to get Knicks fans excited, regardless of how bad the team looks this season.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]