On September 30, Open Gym Premier—the self-proclaimed "Hub of Orange County Basketball"—sent out a tweet showing Kobe Bryant and Kanye West together in a gym, fresh off the court. 

Front row seats all summer long. Excited to see the Black Mamba return to the hardwood. #TheHub #NBA pic.twitter.com/uM4Wx4Kw6b

— Open Gym Premier (@OpenGymPremier) September 30, 2014

According to TMZ Sports, Kobe was giving Kanye some private hoops lessons at the Open Gym facilities. Kanye is a noted fan of basketball, and reportedly spends time on tour playing with his friends. Apparently, he's now working his connections to try and get an extra edge on his pick-up competition. 

Kobe and Kanye's last notable collaboration together came when the two appeared in a Nike commercial promoting Bryant's latest pair of sneakers. 


So, what aspect of Kanye's game do you think he needed the most help on? Rebounding? Driving to the rim? Assists? 

Also, as a sidenote: How casual is that Open Gym tweet? An account with 2,218 followers has an exclusive photo of Kanye and Kobe together and they don't even mention Yeezy's name?? Poor SEO strategy, guys.