This is one of those rare instances where a headline pretty much tells you the whole story. Former Major League slugger/steroid testifier Jose Canseco accidentally shot himself in the hand at his Las Vegas home this afternoon where police eventually showed up and Canseco was taken to the hospital. We'll be sure to update if anything of interest develops due to this unfortunate mishap.

Update: Well here's your first update and it's not a good one (unless you're, say, Mark McGwire) as we learned the extent of the injury. It turns  out Canseco was cleaning his gun when it discharged and blew the middle finger on his left hand off. Canseco's fiancee Leila Knight told TMZ that Jose is currently in surgery where doctors are doing their best to reattach the severed digit. She also said that they already told her it will never fully function properly again.

[via ABC News/Update via TMZ]