In news that should surprise no one, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has expressed support for recently-suspended Georgia running back Todd Gurley. Gurley was suspended indefinitely for allegedly selling his autographs, a violation of the NCAA's constantly beleaguered guidelines.

Speaking after Friday's Browns practice, Manziel, who had an autograph controversy of his own last year while playing for Texas A&M, had nothing but kind words for Gurley, who could miss the remainder of what was shaping up to be a Heisman-finalist-caliber season:

"He's built an image for himself. He's built somewhat of a brand. I feel he should be able to capitalize off it. I don't think [NCAA rules are] going to change any time soon. ... It's an ongoing -- for student-athletes -- problem in college athletics."

As of now, Gurley will remain suspended until an investigation regarding the allegations is concluded. Manziel, for his part, will continue riding the pine as Brian Hoyer leads the Browns to mild competency. 

[via ESPN]