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Film buffs are aware of the very uncomfortable scene in Un Chien Andalou, where a woman's eye is being sliced open. That eyeball belongs to a dead calf, which makes it about 10 times less shocking than what almost happened to Columbus Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson last night in the game against the Ducks.

Atkinson took a skate—a sharp skate—very close to the eye. To give you an idea of how close, take a look at the very graphic damage below.

Thank you everyone for checking in on me. Luckily the skate just missed my eye. Really appreciate all the LOVE.

— Cam Atkinson (@CamAtkinson13) October 25, 2014

So close enough to slice his eyelid, but not close enough to slice his eyeball. It definitely doesn't look like it, but Atkinson was very lucky.

[via Pro Hockey Talk]