This past Sunday, Victor Cruz went down with a torn patella tendon injury. As a result, we have sadly seen the last of Cruz breaking out his salsa dance celebration this season. However, his New York Giants teammates plan on honoring the 27-year-old wide receiver whenever they reach the endzone by doing his signature move tomorrow against the Dallas Cowboys

Per New York Daily News

Since the injury, Cruz’s teammates have told him they plan on celebrating a touchdown by doing Cruz’s famed salsa dance in the end zone that he did as a tribute to his grandmother. “It’s humbling to say the least that a lot of guys that when they get into the end zone, they’re going to do the salsa for me,” Cruz said. “It’s just shows me what type of impact I’ve had. It just feels good to know those guys are on my side.”

Cruz has also worked with the Giants “video guy” Ed Triggs to record a small clip, which is about “staying strong and continuing to move forward with the season and still accomplishing team goals." It will be played for the team on Saturday night. 

Sidebar: Are we the only ones who really hope Eli Manning gets into the endzone, so we can see him do the salsa celebration? 

[via New York Daily News]