Sometimes memes are handed to you, sometimes they're not. This was a week where the creators had to be creative. The Cowboys are playing alright, that's a shot to the meme nuts. There were no major scandals, that was a bummer (for Photoshoppers anyway). Still, the Internet adapts like a fungus and makes do, and that's what this week was as the web churned out a few nuggets of gold in a relatively mundane stretch.

The NFL season continues to gain steam. Boom! There's some options there. NBA chatter is starting back up. Bam! More memes. The MLB Playoffs? Yep, we got a few of those too. Plus you got LeBron, whose memes have become an online staple since the first follicle popped off his head. The three things that are guaranteed in life are death, taxes and people on the Internet cracking jokes about LeBron's hair. Here's The Funniest Memes of the Week (Sept. 28 - Oct. 4).