The NFL is starting to take shape after five weeks in the books--Spoiler alert: It’s already over for the Jets and the Raiders--MLB playoffs are heating up in the race for the Fall Classic, the NHL is off and running, and the NBA season is right around the corner. 

This week, Geno Smith and the New York Jets reached a season low with their 31-0 dressing down at the hands of the San Diego Chargers. Geno threw for 27 yards and an interception before being replaced by an unprepared Michael Vick, and the former Eagle didn’t fare much better behind center. Safe to say, the Internet was not kind in the aftermath of that loss. But don’t worry, Jets fans, you weren’t alone in feeling the wrath of the keyboard crusaders. Thanks to Tony Sparano’s ball-burying display at Raiders practice, Oakland managed to get clowned on even though they were on a bye week. That’s how you know shit is bad. Throw in early playoff exits for the Tigers, Dodgers, and Angels, a few Kobe jabs, and Arsenal’s growing list of first-team casualties, and now we’re talking about The Funniest Sports Memes of the Week.