Medi Abalimba is not Gael Kakuta, but that didn’t stop the 25-year-old Derby County flop from impersonating the French youth international at stores, clubs, hotels, and a host of other venues. Unfortunately for Abalimba-like Frank Abagnale-he was finally found out as a fraud, and sentenced to four years in prison for impersonating the 23-year-old Chelsea man.

Abalimba admitted multiple counts of fraud and dishonesty in a Manchester court this week, which include Abalimba pretending to be Kakuta’s agent to alert places of his client's arrival, and then showing up pretending to be Kakuta himself.

We have to say, considering Kakuta has been on loan to six different sides since signing a professional contract with Chelsea in 2009, this was an excellent mark for Abalimba to go after. This was never going to work out in the long run though, fam.

[via Sports Illustrated]