Tipping at a restaurant can be a tricky thing. There are so many factors to consider, things like the size of the bill, your party, and the attitude of your server. However, regardless of what happened during the course of your meal between you and your waiter or waitress, under no circumstances is it appropriate to wipe your ass with two separate dollar bills and leave them as a tip. 

However, a 17-year-old sitting with three Ball State University football players recently at a Muncie, IN restaurant allegedly broke this seemingly obvious rule. As a result, the boy, who is being charged as a minor, is now facing a count of "battery with bodily waste." We didn't know that was a thing until now, but, hey, you learn something new everyday.

Here's how the incident went down: After eating a meal with these football players, the boy got up from his table, went to the bathroom, allegedly covered the cash with his "fecal matter", and then gave it to the restaurant's waitress, along with his check.  

The involved football players were defensive back Darius Conaway, defensive lineman Kennan Noel and linebacker Nicholas Isaacs. Since the boy was sitting with them, the Ball State University athletic department released a statement concerning the incident via associate AD Joseph Hernandez, who said, "We ... find the alleged actions deplorable. We are continuing to collect information on the matter and will refrain from further judgment until then."

The Ball State Cardinals are 1-5 this year. 

[via Ball State Daily]