Over the weekend, DeMarco Murray became the first running back in NFL history to rush for 100+ yards in each of the first seven games of the season. And while he receives most, if not all, the praise for accomplishing such a feat, Murray knows that he is nothing without the help of his offensive linemen. That's why, to thank them for their hard work so far this season, the 26-year-old bought each of them a pretty sweet gift. 

According to Spotrac, Murray makes less than $1 million this season, so seeing him dole out this amount of money for his offensive linemen should tell you how much he appreciates what they're doing out there. However, someone should warn DeMarco. He's on pace to break the single-season rushing record. If that happens, Murray is going to have to substantially top the iMac gift. 

Murray may have put himself in a hole he cannot get out of. 

[via Clarence Hill]