Speaking of records, the most impressive Brett Favre stat may have nothing to do with his ability and everything with his toughness. Favre started an astounding 297-straight regular season games and 321-straight games if you count the postseason. The feat of starting that many games without a week off is all the more impressive when you consider the number of injuries he battled throughout his career. Here's a taste:

first-degree shoulder separation, deep thigh bruise, severely bruised left hip, severely sprained left ankle, wind knocked out coupled with coughing up blood, sprained right thumb, right elbow tendinitis, left mid-foot sprain, sprained lateral collateral ligament of the left knee, broken left thumb, softball-sized bruise of the left hamstring, mild concussion, sprained right hand, injured ulnar nerve of the right elbow, bone spurs on the left ankle, torn right biceps, pulled groin, stress fracture of the left ankle coupled with an avulsion fracture of calcaneus, and a sprained sternoclavicular joint of the right shoulder. 

Peyton may break his touchdown record this season, but there's a chance nobody will ever top this one.