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The New England Patriots played a bad game on Monday night, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 41-14. The talking points of the defeat were the benching of quarterback Tom Brady in the fourth quarter, his apparent snub of back-up QB Jimmy Garappolo, and the possible downfall of the New England Patriots dynasty. So, today, when local media came in after New England's practice to speak with head coach Bill Belichick, these were some of the first issues on their mind.

Belichick, however, was not having it. It didn't matter what their questions were. One reporter asked whether Brady had enough talent around him to succeed. Another tried to get in a word about Brady's age. Someone else tried to take about conditioning. Belichick swatted them away like so many insignificant flies. His response? 

"We're onto Cincinnati," he said. "It's nothing about past, nothing about the future. Right now, we're preparing for Cincinnati."  

The word choice shuffled around here and there, but for the most part, Belichick would only say, "We're onto Cincinnati." It was basically his version of Allen Iverson's unforgettable "practice" press conference. Gregg Popovich would've been proud

Never change, Bill. Your empire may slowly be crumbling, but you will always be the best when it comes to stoic, give-no-fucks attitudes. 

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