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Question: Were Bill Belichick's press conferences always as entertaining as they've been this year? Maybe so. But it definitely feels like he's stepped it up a couple levels so far this season and really gone out of his way to make us chuckle during his meetings with reporters.

Case in point: This video from today. It features a reporter asking the Patriots coach a long-winded question about whether or not he's noticed a "common thread" over the years when preparing for Peyton Manning, regardless of whether Manning was with the Colts or Broncos. Belichick thought about the reporter's question for a second or two after he finished asking it. And then, he came up with an answer. This answer.

"I guess Manning," he said, as if he was trying to solve a complicated riddle.

Take that, reporter! You're the latest in a long line of press people who have gotten owned by Belichick this season.

[via SB Nation]