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Nobody got kicked in the face this Sunday, but this week in NFL brought even heavier headaches and more headshaking. Week 2 featured great games under the cover of one of the worst weeks in NFL history. You've read it everywhere: The horrific elevator video that disgraced the commissioner, the league, and its values; and the child abuse photos that destroyed the image of someone who made one of sports' most improbable and inspirational stories just two seasons ago. Bluntly, it sucked to be affiliated with the NFL these past couple of days.

And what's worse about the situations is how they weren't greeted with sudden shock. The week was the culmination of an ugly image of masculinity that the league built for itself over the past few decades. As Cris Carter and the Sunday NFL Countdown noted, the problems put in the forefront this week extends beyond the league — they're societal. They're going to take a while to fix. So for now, football continues under the hard pretexts.