About a month ago, photos of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones surfaced showing the 71-year-old billionaire in some compromising positions with strippers. Now the woman who snapped those pictures (Jane Weckerly) has filed a civil suit saying that Jones sexually assaulted her.

Weckerly claims that the same day that the photos were taken (which was back in 2009), Jones "forcibly penetrated her vagina with his fingers," and also made her watch as another woman gave him oral sex. She also claims that she was strong-armed by the Cowboys organization to keep quiet and was even forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the alleged acts. She said she was told not to talk "or else."

If you're wondering what was meant by "or else" we'd say ".....we have no idea."

Still, more details are sure to be revealed in the coming days and weeks. When those come up we'll be sure to keep you updated.

[via Deadspin]