Because of their duties as a pick-and-roll defender, an opposing big man like Preldzic ? or in this case, Turkish guard Ender Arslan who is forced to veer back ? has no chance to get back in front of the Lavrinovic when the ball is reversed behind the play. Making matters worse is that his front court counterpart, Oguz Savas must recover quickly back to Ksistof Lavrinovic on the pass out due to the threat of an open shot.


Because of the shooters stretching the defense on the opposite side of the floor, Savas? hasty recovery leaves Arslan sealed behind the posting twin, where had no choice but to foul in order to prevent an easy basket.


Each of Lithuania?s five big man can play off each other by using cuts, rolls and weakside duck-ins to position themselves for easy post catches deep in the paint. Though such a tactic may not ultimately matter in the long run given the talent disparity (you can only do so much with schemes), it will definitely be a brand new test for Team USA?s potent, but relatively untested front line. Should Lithuania?s high-low attack get Anthony Davis in foul trouble early, it may open the door to a surprisingly competitive game ? a fun possibility given the mundane dominance by the U.S. thus far.