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Late last month, Warren Buffett took a trip to Las Vegas to meet with Floyd Mayweather at his gym. During that trip, the two reportedly talked business and Buffett took a photo with the boxing champion while wearing one of his TMT fitted hats. And according to TMZ Sports, the billionaire also agreed to walk Mayweather to the ring before his fight against Marcos Maidana, along with Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa.

If you watched the fight on Saturday night, though, you know that Buffett didn't end up walking Mayweather out. And that's because he reportedly was not happy with how he was portrayed in Mayweather's Showtime special, All Access. On the docuseries, Mayweather and Buffett were shown meeting inside of the boxer's gym. But in the very next scene, Mayweather was shown kicking it with a bunch of women while several members of his entourage used marijuana. It was a scene that Buffett didn't want to be tied to, so he reportedly decided not to walk Mayweather to the ring as a result of it.

The good news for Mayweather is that there doesn't appear to be any bad blood between him and Buffett because of All Access. Despite Buffett's decision not to escort Mayweather to the ring, he still met with Mayweather prior to his fight against Maidana and even did an interview on his behalf:

So who knows? Maybe Buffett will agree to walk him to the ring before his next fight? Stay tuned.

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