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It doesn't sound like former NFL player Vince Young's money issues are going to go away anytime soon. Young—who was recently hired by the University of Texas—is reportedly being sued right now for borrowing $700,000 from a company called Triton Financial back in 2011 and never paying it back. The company says that Young also agreed to pay a $21,000 "origination fee" when he took out the loan from Triton. But to date, the company says he hasn't paid back a cent of it and that he now owes more than $1.1 million with interest included.

Unfortunately, Triton is going to have to get in line if they want their money. According to a TMZ Sports report, Young owes a bunch of other creditors right now as well and could owe them as much as $10 million. Young hasn't commented on this latest lawsuit. But at this point, do you really expect him to? He's clearly in over his head and he's probably not going to be out of trouble anytime soon when it comes to money.

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