Hitting the schmoney dance in these Philly streets #Catchabodyaboutaweekago
Another favorite of Embiid: Bobby Shmurda. In late August, Embiid changed his official Twitter name to Joel ?Shmurda? Embiid and started tweeting about the Shmoney Dance, his love of the rapper?s rising?Hot 100?anthem ?Hot N?a? running deep enough to make the injured center get up and move.: ?Every time I hear the song, I?m just like, ?Shmoney daaance!?? Embiid exclaims. ?It doesn?t matter where I?m at. Even if I?m just on the street, I don?t care. I just start doing the shmoney dance.? The shmoney dance has also helped Embiid bond with his new Sixers teammates: ?Whenever Bobby Shmurda comes on, everyone would just want to do the shmoney dance. I think that?s something we all like.?