It's that time again, the time where guys too good for Dungeons & Dragons get together and draft hypothetical football teams leading to yet another 17-week stretch of madness gathered around apps, web pages, and TV shows chock full of statistical overlays telling you who to start, and (sometimes more importantly) who not to start. Depending on your level of dedication, the success of your players may be more important to you than the success of your hometown team. This is possibly the single greatest contribution of Fantasy Football, the fact that it provides context for the 15 games a week you used to not give a shit about.

Just like with non-fantasy football, the best time of the year is in early September before a string of bad games and injuries depletes your roster and has you scraping the bottom of the free agent barrel to save your embarrassing season. Late summer is full of possibility and hope springs eternal. Meeting up with your friends/co-workers is the calm before the storm, like that first trip around the Monopoly board. The only negative is that you're more than likely to bump into a few of these less than savory, often insufferable, characters along the way. Here are 10 Types of People You Meet in Your Fantasy League.