There aren't many people in this world who would use the words "clown" and "fraud" in the same paragraph as Derek Jeter's name. But last night, TV analyst Chris Carlin did just that while discussing the Yankees shortstop's new Gatorade commercial. If you haven't seen it yet, here's a clip:

Carlin had a huge problem with the way that the ad portrayed Jeter. Specifically, he didn't seem to like that Jeter is getting a grand sendoff right now, despite the fact that he's never been a guy who has enjoyed being in the spotlight off the baseball field.

"This clown's a fraud," Carlin said on SportsNet NY's Loud Mouths. "And you all are suckers…It's not just that Derek Jeter's doing commercials. It's that this has never been what Derek Jeter has been about. He has been about team, not me. He has never let us into his personal life because he's always been about the team. He frankly is being a complete fraud right now."

Gasp! Who does Carlin think he is? Does he know who he's talking about? And more importantly, does he know how many hate messages he's going to receive from Yankees fans on Twitter as a result of this outburst?

Yes, he does. And he's dealing with them right now. Scroll down to see just a few of the things that Carlin has retweeted from angry Jeter fans over the course of the last few hours.