In celebration of #tbt, Tom Brady posted his old resume on his Facebook page, and it’s a great reminder that football players—even the greatest of a generation—are people, too. Yes, before he won three Super Bowls and married supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady was preparing to enter the workforce like most other folks coming out of college. As he stated in his FB post earlier today, five rounds of the NFL draft had come and gone in 2000, and, well, dude’s gotta eat, right?

After a quick look at Thomas E. Brady, Jr.’s credentials, it appears he worked several summers as a sales rep at a golf courses, as well an intern at Merrill Lynch. Forgive us, Tom, but we’d rather have you throw us a deep pass than help us with our retirement portfolios. Check out Brady’s full skill set, below.

[via The Big Lead]