Today, Kevin Durant turns 26 years old. Wait! *fact checks on Durant's age* *immediately begins to feel as though he hasn't done anything in life* *sheds a few tears* Anyway, it's hard to believe that after only seven years in the NBA, Durant already has an MVP trophy, five All-Star selections, an All-Star Game MVP award, Rookie of the Year, four scoring titles and an Olympic gold to his name. It's the type of resume that analysts love to harp on and remind you every time KD balls out there on the court. But what about the stuff you may not be so privy to? 

For example, do you know what Durant wants to be when he hangs up his jersey for good? Or, what about his go-to grub? Hint: Jameis Winston would approve. How about the real reason he has been wearing No. 35 all this time? Find out all of these fact facts and more in 20 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Kevin Durant