Date: September 24, 2000
Matchup: 49ers at Cowboys

Future NFL players should learn from Terrell Owens. When playing an away game, don’t go to midfield and stunt while standing on the team’s logo after scoring a touchdown. Not only is it a disrespectful move, but in Owens’ case, you may play for that team a of couple years later. In a game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2000, T.O. scored a touchdown in the first quarter and immediately sprinted to the team’s “star” logo at the 50-yard line and stood there with his arms spread out. Obviously, the players on Big D didn’t appreciate the gesture, and in the ’Boys very next possession, Emmitt Smith reclaimed the star after reaching the end zone from one-yard out. But that wasn’t the last we heard from Owens.

With the game well out of reach, T.O. hauled in another touchdown in the fourth quarter to increase the 49ers’ lead to 41-17 and once again, went to midfield to stand over the star. However, this time, former Dallas player George Teague laid a hit on Owens as he attempted to pull the stunt again.