While everyone is obviously excited and ready for the start of the 2013-14 NFL season, it’s going to be a little sad to see a noticeable absence in the over-the-top and elaborate end zone celebrations, which made the league so much fun to watch. With a laundry list of restrictions on players, which prohibit such things as sack dances, spiking the ball, and more, who wants to repeatedly eat a five-figure fine at the expense of breaking an additional sweat and giving the fans a little something special?

With that disheartening fact in mind, it’s probably best to take this time to remember when guys would put that exclamation point on their special moment once they hit pay dirt with something absolutely odd and absurd but ultimately, memorable. From Terrell Owens putting his stamp—not once, but twice—on the Dallas Cowboys’ star logo at midfield, to the original dances created by the likes of Jamal Anderson and Deion Sanders, these are The NFL’s Most Memorable End Zone Celebrations.