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NFL players are exalted by cheering crowds, million dollar contracts, and—perhaps most importantly—the honor of starting on YOUR fantasy team. But, what about us regular people? The people who come to a complete stop before driving through an intersection? The people who can eat an entire Tombstone pizza in one sitting? Where's our love?

Well on Wednesday, 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson declared that he'd drafted a fantasy team of regular people. And, just like in fantasy football, Johnson's keeping score. 

Legendary, 13 pts for sure “@DJMarcotix: @StevieJohnson13 I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything”

— HiMom. (@StevieJohnson13) September 25, 2014

putting u on my bench “@jaffryan: @StevieJohnson13 hey i broke the copier and got my manager's lunch order wrong. -15 points. sorry dude.”

— HiMom. (@StevieJohnson13) September 25, 2014

Gonna have to shut u down. On the mend “@Pat_Egan: @StevieJohnson13 went down with a nasty paper cut & my return to the office is doubtful”

— HiMom. (@StevieJohnson13) September 25, 2014

For more on this story, check out the video above.

[via Kissing Suzy Kolber]