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There are a lot of really despicable American sports fans out there. But very few of them have gone to the great lengths that a group of Swiss soccer fans went to recently in order to get underneath an opposing player's skin.

Fans of the Swiss fourth division team FC Baden convinced a ball boy to give them a water bottle that belonged to FC Muri goalkeeper Reto Felder during a Baden/Muri match recently. And when they got it, they filled it with urine and gave it back to the ball boy to give to Felder. While this was going on, Felder was participating in the match and had no idea that his water bottle had been tampered with. So a few minutes after the water bottle was returned back to him, he opened it up, took a long swig, and then…yuck. The Baden fans started yelling, "You have been infected! You have AIDS," at him and then let him know exactly what he'd just swallowed.

Representatives from both Muri and Baden spoke out against the fans after the match was over and said that what they did was wrong. But we imagine that did little to ease Felder's mind—or his stomach. Ew.

[via SB Nation]