Even for someone as perpetually laid back as Snoop Dogg, there comes a point where enough is enough. His favorite football teams—the Cowboys, Steelers, and the Raiders (c'mon, why would you put yourself through that, Snoop?)—are all bad.

The Raiders are 0-4 this season with a bad loss against the Dolphins, which included this display of incompetency:

The Steelers lost to the Buccaneers, the same team that got clapped up in that blowout from the Falcons:

The Cowboys haven't played this Sunday yet, but there isn't much that inspires confidence in them either. So with the collective suckiness on a near-weekly basis, Snoop Dogg took Instagram to explain that he took what he can take and he can't take no more: "I'm finna start watching soccer and tennis, fuck this shit."

Snoop Dogg gave the Cowboys, Steelers, and Raiders Doggystyle and his existence, yet they can't put on a decent four quarters. They should be ashamed of themselves.

[via SB Nation]