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An unnamed Russian vigilante on a motorcycle is using her wheels to serve up petty criminals. Armed with a video camera (which are fairly common among Russian drivers), the woman finds instances of public littering, and then rides up to the litterer to punish them accordingly. It's pretty creative, actually. She tapes a beer bottle to someone's side-view mirror, tosses a bag of disposed fast food through another person's passenger-side window, and also tosses an ashtray into someone's lap. 

Google translates the video's title to, "Elusive girl on a motorcycle against debris." Yeah, more or less. Uploaded a day ago, the clip has already garnered over 1M views, and has become a hot topic on Reddit

The song in the background is Futurelight's "Lust", providing a thumping, hard-nosed soundtrack to the woman's citizen policing. What do you think? Is she a badass or just a tad overzealous? In any case, she'll definitely make you think twice about casually dropping your trash onto the sidewalk anytime soon.