Yesterday, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was released by the team and suspended indefinitely from the NFL following the release of a video showing him assaulting his then-fianceé Janay Rice (neé Palmer). Following a wave of public criticism Rice is now out of a job. However, in an interview today with CBS, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn't rule out the possibility of Rice's eventual return to the NFL, despite his belief that the contents of yesterday's video were "extremely clear, extremely graphic, and it was sickening."

During the interview, Goodell was apologetic for his handling of the situation, saying, "We didn't get this right. That's my responsibility, and I'm accountable for that." Indeed, since the announcement of Rice's initial two-game suspension from the NFL, the entire situation has been a public relations mess for the league. He also reiterated the league's stance that they had not seen the second video prior to making the decision on Rice's two-game ban. 

But the current ordeal is by no means unforgivable to Goodell. The commissioner stated his belief that Rice's career could continue in the future if it appeared that the proper actions had been taken on Rice's part to make the situation right. "We would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue." Goodell said. "Clearly, he has paid a price for the actions that he has already taken."

It is likely that Rice is out of a job for the rest of the season. And, in the future, if he is to have a job again, a team must also be willing to endure the public criticism that would come if Rice were to sign with their team. However, on that note, such a signing would not be completely unprecedented. Business being business, it's more than likely that Ray Rice will find a job in the NFL again. 

The fallout from the Ray Rice situation is not over by any means. Tomorrow, CBS's full interview with Goodell will air on their morning show. Stay tuned for what else Goodell has to say about the situation. You can watch a snippet of the interview from tonight's broadcast below.