Yesterday, the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles played a tense, intra-division rivalry game in Philadelphia, giving the Eagles their third straight victory as well as much-needed bragging rights over their former wide receiver, DeSean Jackson. During the contest, a brawl broke out between the teams after Redskins nose tackle Chris Baker leveled Eagles quarterback Nick Foles while blocking for his teammate Bashaud Breeland after Breeland had intercepted a pass from Foles. The chippiness was typical of the rivalry the two teams share. 

However, up in the stands, flaring tempers (and, likely, more than a few drinks) caused in-fighting among Philadelphia fans. As you can see from the video above, and the one directly below, Eagles devotees just couldn't keep their hands to themselves. 

Ouch. Unfortunately, this wasn't the only site of fan violence on Sunday either. Over in Arizona, where a scrappy Cardinals squad took down the San Francisco 49ers, fans of the two teams came to blows during the game, starting a fist fight that was even uglier than the showdown in Philadelphia.

The best part of all this? On Sunday, the Eagles and the 49ers will square off in Levi's Stadium. Given the track records of these respective fan bases, it's fair to assume that something crazy will happen during the game. Can someone check and see if Jim Ross is available to do play-by-play?

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