NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference today to address the on-going issues of domestic violence and sexual assault in his league. By most accounts, it didn't go well. Goodell was dodgy, repetitive, and vague while discussing the changes he and his team would be implementing in the NFL over the course of the next few months to solve the countless problems facing the league right now. Regarding a timeline for these changes, Goodell could only say that the league's new personal conduct policy would be implemented in time for the Super Bowl

As a result of Goodell's stonewall approach, we're left with just as many questions and concerns about the NFL as before. To many, it still doesn't appear that Goodell is the right man to run the league. We still don't know exactly how the league will change their policies on domestic abuse. And we still have reason to believe that they were negligent in their investigation on the Ray Rice scandal

Fans and media aren't the only ones left feeling unsatisfied after Goodell's statement. During and after the press conference, current and former NFL players across Twitter shared their thoughts on what transpired and, trust us, most of them weren't happy with the results. As you'll see, many of these NFL vets wouldn't mind having a new commissioner take the reins from Goodell. And at this point, who could disagree with them?