Last night, the Vancouver Canucks played their first game of the NHL preseason. And during the game, Canucks defenseman Jordan Subban—the brother of Montreal Canadiens star P.K. Subban—scored a goal. So the Vancouver Sun ran a photo of Subban and several of his Canucks teammates celebrating on their website after the game ended. But there was one huge problem with the photo that they ran:

The photo featured a caption that identified Subban as the "dark guy in the middle" of the shot. It was reportedly written by a photographer and then posted online along with the photo.

The caption didn't stay up for very long. Within just minutes of the photo being posted, a handful of people sent tweets to the Vancouver Sun to ask them what in the world they were thinking using that particular caption. So they removed it a short time later and then apologized for the mistake early this morning:

Welp. What a terrible caption to put up.

Subban hasn't responded to it yet. But after the game last night, he was excited about tallying his first NHL goal:

It's just too bad that this incident had to take place after it happened.

[via Eye on Hockey]