Years: 1996-2003
Rich Eisen said that when he first came to anchor SportsCenter he tried too hard to be funny which led to a phone call from Keith Olbermann telling him that every highlight doesn't have to be a night at the fucking Improv (at least that was the gist of the message left on his answering machine). Eisen claims that it was the best advice he'd ever gotten and it allowed him to take off alongside partner Stuart Scott with the two becoming the best team on ESPN after Olbermann (coincidentally) peeled out of ESPN's lot one final time, and left their Bristol, Connecticut headquarters in his rearview.

Unfortunately, Eisen also (eventually) left when NFL Network went on the air in 2003 and poached Eisen as their first choice for on-air talent (this, of course was before ESPN unofficially became the NFL Network). The fact that pro football's apex league was trusting Eisen with their $100 million dollar brainchild should tell you all you need to know about how well he does his job.