Major League Soccer is turning 20 next year, and to commemorate that milestone the league has rebranded itself with the design of a completely new logo. No longer will U.S. soccer fans have to look at a ball and a cleat-as if we didn’t know what sport we were watching-instead, MLS is introducing the crest logo above. We like the simplicity of the new design, and the meaning behind each detail is, well, the league has broken that down in every way.

Some interesting tidbits include the slash through the middle of the crest, which is supposed to symbolize soccer’s “speed and energy,” as well as the “rising trajectory of our league.” The slash also divides the crest into the two halves of a soccer match. Okay. The three stars stand for club, country, and community.

Arguably the coolest detail of the new logo, though, is that beginning in 2015, each MLS club will sport the crest on their kits in the team’s unique colors. 

What do you think?

[via Deadspin]