Mister Cartoon'sor one of his latest ventures, Cartoon teamed up with BACARD? Flavored Rums to bring his signature graffiti-style art to the court at the Mecca of streetball?Rucker Park. This is the journey he took to get there.I heard a rumor that you had a run-in with the law at age 17 that changed your life a little bit, and you ended up transitioning from graffiti and enrolling at L.A. Tech to study traditional sign painting. What would you say some of the crucial lessons you learned at school were, in terms of solidifying your skill set?
Image via BACARD?You were working on cars, clothing, and tattooing, right? How did you react to tattooing being very flash heavy, very standard in image, when you now work in such a custom style? How do you describe your style now? Are you surprised that people have been willing to incorporate that aesthetic into larger scale, national or global campaigns? Image via BACARD?
When was the first time you realized that your style had transcended L.A.? How much does it mean for you to have a position in art where you can express and push forward a lifestyle that is endemic to you and your surroundings? Image via BACARD?Was that a challenge to you, having to think more globally? Did any influence come from basketball?