A man named Ryan Chelsey was in a motorcycle accident recently—a bad motorcycle accident—that left him pretty banged up. He suffered several broken bones, damage to a handful of muscles and ligaments, and a shoulder injury that's going to require surgery. But he's alive today and part of the reason for that is that Mike Tyson is apparently his guardian angel.

Over the weekend, Chelsey got in an accident in Las Vegas after a cab cut him off. And according to TMZ Sports, Tyson just so happened to be driving near Chelsey when the accident took place. So after it happened, he jumped out of his car, ran over to the injured biker, and talked to him until paramedics arrived. Chelsey told TMZ Sports that it helped keep him calm and kept him from going into a state of shock following the accident.

Usually, Iron Mike is the absolute last person that you'd want to see standing over you if you were laying on the ground bloodied with broken bones. But in this particular instance, it turned out to be a blessing for Chelsey. What a story.

[via TMZ Sports]