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It may not have sunken in yet, but in just over a month, LeBron James will be playing again in Cavaliers uniform in what will be every reasonable Cleveland sports fans' wet dream come to life. Plus, he gets ruthless ankle-breaker Kyrie Irving (who was The Man up until this summer) and well-rounded talent Kevin Love to help him out. Not you, Andrew Wiggins. You get to play in Minnesota.

So here's a media day photo to drill that point into your head:

United in #TheLand. #CavsMediaDay

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) September 26, 2014

To further prove that Cleveland is going to turn into the The Drew Carey Show opening sequence, James had some good things to say about Irving.

"I've never played with a point guard like Kyrie Irving, a guy that can kind of take over a game for himself," James said. We need it. So, that was a huge thing and that was way before we even got [Kevin] Love and signed Mike Miller and Trix (Shawn Marion) and the rest of the guys. That was very intriguing."

Rejoice for Cleveland. Condolences for the Heat and Dwyane Wade...but mostly Wade.

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